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Economic Development

Economic development is crucial

The town is keen to present itself as a business-friendly location. In Merzig, the focus is on direct and local action. Economic development is crucial.

Especially at a local level. That’s why we focus on direct local action.

The aim of local economic development is to improve and protect the economic situation and the livelihoods of local people.

The key tasks in economic development include supporting those establishing new companies and wishing to locate in the town, but also looking after existing businesses. The local economic development office created in 1997 is a central contact point and facilitator.

Activities in the area of local economic development also include active real estate management for commercial businesses. In the last 20 years, the property management department has sold more than 15 ha of municipal commercial space to businesses, helping to lay the foundations for their successful development. The municipal authority has also supported numerous private sales or exchanges.

In recognition of its exemplary achievements in the area of economic development, a few years ago the Merzig municipal authority was awarded a special prize in the national “Global challenge and local economic policy” innovation competition run by cooperative banks across Germany.

The municipal authority works very closely with the Chamber of Commerce. Since 2002, the authority has been represented on the Chamber’s board of directors.