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Das Bild zeigt die Vorstandsmitglieder des Vereins für Handel und Gewerbe.

Verein für Handel und Gewerbe – Chamber of Commerce

The aim of the Chamber is to represent, promote and protect the shared economic interests of its members. It is politically independent and its main objectives are

  • to establish a spirit of solidarity among its members and promote fair competition between them;
  • to research specific economic problems that are local in nature, look for solutions that appear appropriate, propose them and, where possible, implement them;
  • to organise and support events that aim to promote the economic development of Merzig;
  • to advise members on all economic issues and educate them on relevant topics through presentations or in other ways.

This graphic is a pink rectangle. The following words are written on the graphic: Merzig. echt schön. Einkaufen in Merzig. vhg. This translates to: Merzig, really beautiful. Shopping in Merzig. Chamber of commerce.

The Chamber also wants to make every effort to support the establishment of a tourist organisation in the Merzig-Wadern district, and to play an active role in tourism in the area.