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Merzig – Ideal Business Location

Positive trends in Merzig economic area

As a business location Merzig – perfectly located in the Luxembourg-France-Saarland-Rhineland Palatinate border triangle – has experienced positive trends in recent years. This is shown by the willingness of many Merzig-based companies to invest. 

For example, the globally operating company Villeroy & Boch has invested over 100 million Euro in its sites in Merzig and employs around 900 people in the town. Because of the involvement of the Turkish tile company Eczacibasi from Istanbul, the tile division, once the company’s problem child, has developed into the showcase division with demand at times outstripping current production capacities.

The successful company kohlpharma, based in Merzig since 1996, remains one of the town’s major employers, currently providing work for almost 800 people.

Many other large and medium-sized companies, some of them with global sales channels, have made their home in Merzig, for example Zentgraf, Holzhauer, Feinmechanik Grün and many others.


Available Retail Premises und Commercial Space

Are you interested in available retail premises or commercial space? If you cannot find the information you need, you can confidentially contact the economic development department at Merzig municipal authority.


Business registration, re-registration and de-registration

Business registration, re-registration and de-registration can be carried out online at the following link: Online business registration

In case of queries, please contact the commercial department at the Merzig municipal authority, Tel.: 85-325, e-mail:

Close to Europe

Companies can take full advantage of Merzig’s central location in the Germany-France-Luxembourg border triangle.

Three direct autobahn links and a well established network of major and local roads provide quick and easy access to destinations in Saarland, the Mosel region, Lorraine, Luxembourg and the Palatinate. The autobahn extension to Luxembourg means that Brussels is also right on the doorstep.

Within the town, completion of the first stages of the new traffic concept has hugely improved the traffic flow.

The excellent rail connections on the Saarbrücken-Trier line are consistently being enhanced, with Merzig’s main station being designated an environmental station and the establishment of the “Merzig-Mitte” station.

For long distance travellers, airports in Luxembourg and Saarbrücken are just a short journey away.

Of course, with the Merzig marina, the mooring points for passenger ships and the Besseringen transshipment hub for transportation of bulk goods, the Saar itself makes an important contribution to the excellent transport infrastructure.

Impressions of Merzig as a business location

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