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“Merzig lebt Gesund” – “Merzig Healthy Living”

The German health system is decentralised, self-governing and made up of numerous different stakeholders.

With an increasingly ageing population, maintaining health plays an ever more important role. One of the major challenges of our time is a lack of doctors, particularly in more rural areas. In the next ten years, the number of family doctors is expected to decline by around a third and this shortfall will not be made up by those currently coming into the profession. Particularly in view of our increasingly ageing population, this means that our health system is constantly facing new challenges.

As well as doctors in different specialist fields, the stakeholders in the health system include associations and representatives of the different professions, health insurance companies, quality assurance authorities, health ministries, patient organisations and self-help groups. There are also outpatient and inpatient care providers. It is absolutely essential that these structures work together efficiently and as directly as possible. This is the only way to deliver health care that is patient-centred, close to home and economically viable in the long term. Every medical decision has financial consequences and it is vital to make efficient use of health insurers’ limited funds.

Its particular geographical location in the border triangle is a great opportunity for Merzig as a health care location. Our home town offers a wide variety of medical facilities that ensure fully comprehensive health care.

Since the beginning of 2018, the town council has published a series of articles in the official bulletin “News from Merzig” on the local organisations that play a key role in the health sector, the health providers and doctors based in Merzig and, particular, the preventive studies and measures aimed at maintaining or restoring health, people’s most important asset.

Compared to most other towns, Merzig is in a great position when it comes to the health sector. The population in Merzig benefits from a tight healthcare network, with both the Merzig health campus and many other individual and group practices in the town providing excellent and broad-based health care services.
The Merzig municipal authority actively supports the ongoing development of all-round medical care. Medical events based on health protection and care have been very popular with the population for many years.

In recent years, many medical providers have invested in their facilities to improve the range of healthcare services available in the town. Further investments (like the health campus) are set to be made or have already been put in place.
The slogan is “Merzig lebt gesund” (“Merzig Healthy Living”).

Further information on the “Merzig Healthy Living” campaign is available by calling 85-383 or by e-mail to