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Town Twinning

Merzig has twinning arrangements with towns in France, Brandenburg and Luxembourg

“Nipping across the border” to neighbouring France and Luxembourg has been a normal part of everyday life for Merzig residents for many decades. The shared Moselle Franconian dialect makes this easier by removing language barriers.


Saint Médard en Jalles

Since 1986, Merzig has had an active twinning scheme with the town of Saint Médard en Jalles in the south west of France, close to Bordeaux. The St. Médart en Jalles twinning group provides valuable support in ongoing development of the friendly links between the two communities.

Freundeskreis St. Médard en Jalles
1. Chairman Walter Wolff
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 17
66693 Mettlach
Tel: +49 (0) 6864/7574




The links between Merzig and the Brandenburg town of Luckau were first established in 1990 as part of a local government assistance scheme after reunification and were given new impetus in 2009 with the establishment of official twinning arrangements.


Thionville and Mertzig

As well as the official twin towns, there are also friendly relations with the neighbouring French town of Thionville, which is particularly invigorated by sports teams from the two municipal authorities, and the namesake town of Mertzig in Luxembourg.