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Der Wolfsweg – The Wolf Way

Premium walking route

The route connects two Merzig attractions – the well-known Merzig “Werner Freund Wolf Park” in the Kammerforst and the “Sensory Garden” on the Kreuzberg.

Different types of ancient and managed woodlands, steep stream beds, orchards, nurseries and overgrown arable land, hedgerows and dirt tracks make the route a great experience at any time of year.

A path above a ravine, relaxing and forgetting your troubles on one of the benches and enjoying the panoramic views over the Merzig Basic and far beyond are just some of the features of this premium route.

Information on the walking route

Start point and destination

You can start the circular route at the following points:

  • Wolf Park
  • Sensory Garden

Adequate parking spaces are available at both starting points.

Route length: 10.1 km
Walking time: approx. 4 hours
Altitude difference: 401
Difficulty: medium
Adventure points: 60



Location information

Waldstraße 205
66663 Merzig, Deutschland

Karte Wolfsweg

Impressions of Wolf Way

Garten der Sinne

Location and directions

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Walking is at your own risk. Parts of the route pass through unspoilt natural areas. Gales, gusty winds, electric storms and other adverse weather conditions may cause falling trees and branches. Using the “Wolf Way” premium route in such weather conditions is prohibited.

Walking the route is at your own risk, and you should always be adequately aware of the conditions and exercise appropriate caution.