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Great walking routes along the Saar

Between the Saar and the Mosel in the Germany-France-Luxembourg border triangle region, you can spend an exciting holiday walking or cycling in the heart of the Merzig orchards and in the green Merzig-Wadern district.


The journey is the reward

A well established and – in conjunction with regional conservation body the Saarwaldverein – waymarked network of routes with a total length of around 300km ,including everything from the demanding almost 60 kilometre “M” circular walking route to more than 20 local circular trails between 5 and 20 kilometres in length in the 17 neighbourhoods of the town -provide you with a huge range of options for discovering our town’s scenic beauty and the cultural and natural landscapes created by people over many centuries. Alternatively, you can hike Merzig’s two premium walking routes – the “Wolf Way” and the “Bietzerberg Way”.

With more than 80 percent of the town made up of green space, Merzig is the largest municipal owner of woodlands in Saarland and, with its eight hundred years of architectural heritage, also has a wealth of fascinating places to visit for lovers of culture.

The health conscious can pay a visit to the salt bath in the park and the “DAS BAD” health, sport and leisure spa with its Bietzen spa water.

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Premium walking route in Merzig

Kreisstadt Merzig: Der Wolfsweg - The Wolf Way
Der Wolfsweg - The Wolf Way

The route connects two attractions - the “Werner Freund Wolf Park” and the “Sensory Garden”.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Der Bietzerberger - Bietzberger Way
Der Bietzerberger - Bietzberger Way

The route provides impressive panoramic views into France, to the Saar loop and the hills of the Hochwald.

Nordic Walking Park

With its four circular courses, Merzig Nordic Walking Park is a recent addition to the town’s range of sports facilities.

The red, yellow and blue routes begin at the VdK Haus Sonnenwald and all run together for the first section to the Besseringer Spinne junction. You can follow the routes on an overview map.

The yellow “Besseringer Spinne” route then returns to the start point on a parallel path. It is 3.9 km long.

From the Besseringer Spinne, the blue “Wasserhäuschen” course (6.9 km) then runs around the Bessering water tower before rejoining the yellow route to return to the start point.

The red “Biereiche” course (7.1 km) continues until shortly before the famous Biereiche oak tree, then on to the Schützenhaus hunting lodge and back to the starting point at the VdK Haus Sonnenwald. Alternatively, the route can be started at the Schützenhaus

The green “Wolf Park” route starts at the Schützenhaus. It follows the trail of route 1 around the Werner Freund Wolf Park (3.6 km).



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