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Sehenswürdigkeiten in Merzig: Wolfspark Werner Freund – Werner Freund Wolf Park

Wolfspark Werner Freund – Werner Freund Wolf Park

Merzig owes its nickname “Wolf Town” to a remarkable man – the animal and behavioural researcher Werner Freund. In a way thought to be unique in the world, he lived alongside wild animals for more than 30 years as a “wolf among the wolves”. He shared their everyday lives and reared each of the wolves by hand. This was how he gained the trust of the different packs. The animals did not – as is the case with dogs – adapt their behaviour to their master. It was Werner Freund whose years of field study enabled him to analyse and understand the social structures in the pack.

Tatjana Schneider

After almost 20 years alongside Werner Freund, Tatjana Schneider is now carrying on his life’s work as he would have intended.

Friends association

In 1983, the Friends of the Merzig Wolf Park (Förderkreis Merziger Wolfsgehege e. V) was founded to support Werner Freund’s work. Further information on the group’s activities can be found on its website.


A free tour at the white wolf sanctuary takes place at 16:00 on the first Sunday of every month.
Group tours are also possible by prior arrangement. Please contact directly for enquiries.

Not just a friend of wolves

In his career as a nature and behavioural researcher, which lasted more than 50 years, Werner Freund studied not just wolves but also bears and many other species. Numerous expeditions to very remote regions of the earth brought him into contact with traditional people on almost every continent. The exhibits and photos he collected on these expeditions can be seen in the Werner Freund Expedition Museum.


Wolfspark Werner Freund – Werner Freund Wolf Park
Waldstraße 204
66663 Merzig

Anfahrt Wolfspark Werner Freund – Werner Freund Wolf Park

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