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Steine und Pflanzen am Wasser – Stones and Plants on the Water

Sculpture symposium along the Saar

In 1998, a six-week sculpture symposium initiated by Prof. Paul Schneider and involving five sculptors from three countries, resulted in five new sculptures located along a four-kilometre section of the towpath running alongside the Saar between the Bietzen spa and the Saar bridge in Merzig. All of the stone artworks are on the theme of water and life.

Unterbrochene Fahrt – Interrupted Journey (Thomas Link, Germany)

The Munich-based sculptor Thomas Link related his stones to nature. The theme of his sculpture on the Saar is a boat and represents many different kinds of journey – “sinking, crossing from one bank to the other, from one world to another”.

Nachsinnen – Contemplation (Lisa Kleipert, Holland)

The sculpture is a memorial to the survival of the artist’s family. As a Jew, she had some doubts about coming to Germany for the symposium. The sculpture, which is designed to look like a plant or a wave, is a symbol of nature, the river, water, a symbol for life itself.

Geburt und Bewegung – Birth and Motion (Eileen McDonagh, Ireland)

The sculpture by Irish sculptor Eileen McDonagh includes a spiral, which is a symbol of the movement of the water at the Bietzen spa. The sculpture has a vertical diagonal opening. The sculptor wanted her work to pay homage to water as the source of all life. Words and thoughts from the sculptor and other visitors to the symposium on the subject of water are engraved on the rear.

Durchblick – Perspective (Paul Schneider, Germany)

The Saarland sculptor Prof. Paul Schneider, who had made his home at Bietzen in Merzig for many years, wanted his sculpture – a follow-up to his “Sun Stone” – to be a symbol of dawn and darkness. A cone opens towards the pathway with its mouth extending to the rear. Around the rear opening is an inclined square.

Stein und Fließen – Stone and Flow (Susanne Specht, Germany)

As her contribution to the symposium, the Berlin sculptor Susanne Specht designed a water sculpture, a symbolic tributary of the Saar. A spring appears to rise in the centre of the sculpture, with its water flowing into the nearby Saar.


Steine und Pflanzen am Wasser – Stones and Plants on the Water
Below the L174 between Merzig and Bietzen
66663 Merzig

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