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Merziger Tier- und Arche-Park – Merzig Zoo

Opened by then-Mayor Gerd Caspar in 1962, and completed a few years later at its current location next to the Blättelborn pool, Merzig Zoo has developed into one of the most popular visitor and leisure destinations in the town of Merzig over past years and decades.

Schools, nurseries and families with children, not just from Merzig but from the entire region, love to take the opportunity to learn at close quarters about native domestic animals as well as animals from other parts of the world, including the African Barbary apes, the residents of the South American enclosure and the large aviaries. Wolf researcher Werner Freund, who gained extensive knowledge during his time caring for animals at Stuttgart’s “Wilhelma” zoo, was an advisor to the municipal authority.

Display boards outline the diversity of the species of insects, small mammals, amphibians, saurians and birds found here, and explain the relationships in the species-rich biotope. The creation of a steep bank known as Hedgehog Castle or Igelburg (dead wood hedges) and an insect hotel has provided new habitats for rare and endangered species such as solitary bees and wood bees.

For many years, the Merzig municipal authority has been given continuous support in the development and maintenance of the zoo and the Blättelborn pool by the friends’ association (Interessen- & Fördergemeinschaft Merziger Tierpark e. V.), not only through the personal commitment of members but particularly through their tireless fundraising efforts, which have facilitated the positive development of this important local recreation area.

Tours at Merzig Zoo:

Tours on the theme of “Endangered farm animal species” and a look behind the scenes, free lessons for pre-school children, primary schools and secondary schools on anatomy, digestion etc. (topics by arrangement). Alternatively, a free lesson can be arranged at local schools.

Contact: Daniela Becker-Kirsch, Tel.: +49 (0) 172/6614885 or

Become a sponsor at Merzig Zoo!

The Merzig Zoo friends’ association (Interessen- & Fördergemeinschaft Merziger Tierpark e. V.) offers animal lovers the chance to sponsor goats, sheep, rabbits, alpacas, chickens and turkeys.

You will receive a certificate with a photo of your sponsored animal and will be invited to an annual “sponsor’s party” with plenty of regional products on offer. A donation receipt can also be issued on request.

Contact: Daniela Becker-Kirsch, Tel.: +49 (0) 172/6614885 or


Merziger Tier- und Arche-Park – Merzig Zoo
66663 Merzig

Anfahrt Merziger Tier- und Arche-Park – Merzig Zoo

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