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Kreuzbergkapelle – Kreuzberg Chapel

The chapel was built in 1858 by the ancestors of the Kerber family. The story goes that it was inspired by the miracle experienced by “Nikla the Crooked”.

Dean Michels, in post at that time, was a great supporter of the chapel’s construction and paved the way for it to be built. Prior to construction of the chapel, the St. Joseph’s Day pilgrimage was instituted on 19th March 1843 and soon became a massive event. The stone cross erected for the pilgrimage can now be found on the rear of the chapel. The chapel was endowed by the Bock family, ancestors of today’s Kerber family. Johann Bock’s wife Elisabeth died on 29th December 1857. To ensure the salvation of her and his own soul, Johann Bock decided to make a special endowment, which led to the construction of the chapel.

The chapel suffered severe damage during the war and, with help from numerous citizens of Merzig, was rebuilt in 1948 and became one of the emblems of the town.


Kreuzbergkapelle – Kreuzberg Chapel
Eller Weg
66663 Merzig

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