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Sehenswürdigkeiten in Merzig: B-Werk Besseringen – Besseringen B-Werk Bunker

B-Werk Besseringen – Besseringen B-Werk Bunker

Siegfried Line construction and war memorial

In the years before the 2nd World War, a 630 kilometre series of fortifications – made up of bunkers, tank barriers, ditches and barbed wire fences – was constructed on the western border of the German Reich; it was known as the Siegfried Line.

Out of the 22,000 bunkers and fortified structures originally planned, 14,800 were ultimately constructed, including 32 so-called “B-Werke”. The “B” referred to the thickness of the bunker ceiling and external walls – at least 1.50 m of steel reinforced concrete.

The “B-Werk” built from 1938 to 1939 between Merzig and Besseringen, situated directly on the access road to the “Auf der Ell” military barracks, is the only one of these 32 B-Werke on the Siegfried Line to have survived the 2nd World War and the destruction by the occupying forces undamaged. It retains its entire original construction, including all the weapons turrets. The protected building is a notable example of defensive engineering, with only the tank turrets and the entrance visible above ground, and extends over a length of 24.60 metres, with a width of 17.80 metres and three underground levels. The bunker facility has 44 rooms of different sizes and was uncovered over a period of several years by painstaking manual work by volunteers from the Merzig Reservists’ Association (“Reservistenkameradschaft Merzig e.V”) and made accessible to the public by the Merzig municipal authority in cooperation with the Merzig Local History Society (Verein für Heimatkunde Merzig).

As well as demonstrating the impressive engineering feat involved in building this kind of facility with the technical resources available at the time, the concept developed jointly by Merzig municipal authority, the protected buildings authority and Merzig Local History Society was for the building to simultaneously be a war memorial and a Siegfriend Line and bunker museum. The aim is to preserve the Besseringen B-Werk as a historical site and memorial for future generations.


Opening times

Sunday: 14:00 to 18:00
Open from April to September.
Tours by arrangement with the Local History Society.


B-Werk Besseringen – Besseringen B-Werk Bunker
Close to L 174
66663 Merzig-Besseringen

Anfahrt B-Werk Besseringen – Besseringen B-Werk Bunker

+49 (0) 6835/3654 oder +49 (0)6861/85-330

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