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Zahlreiche Radfahrer nehmen am Saar Pedal am Saarleinpfad entlang teil.


Discover the landscape by bike

Merzig is an excellent starting point for extensive cycle tours – around the Saar loop, from the Saar to the Nahe, to the Mosel, or on the varied routes along the Viez road.

In addition to the regional SAARLAND cycle route and the Saar cycle route, the Merzig municipal authority in conjunction with regional tourist board Dreiländereck-Touristik GmbH (now known as Saarschleifenland) offers five circular cycle routes, all starting from the Saarfürst brewery in Merzig sport and leisure park or at Merzig civic centre.

Radfahrergruppe beim Saar Pedal

Cycle tours in Merzig

Grenzland-Runde (Border tour, 37 km):

Merzig marina > Hilbringen > Seitert > Mondorf > Silwingen > Stones on the Border > Büschdorf > Tünsdorf > Blechmühle > Dreisbach > On the Saar cycle path to Merzig

Saarschleifen-Tour (Saarschleife tour, 33 km):

Merzig marina > Left bank to Besseringen on the Saar cycle route > Dreisbach > Saarschleife > Mettlach > Cross to other bank > Besseringen > Merzig civic centre > Merzig marina

3-Brauereien-Runde (3 breweries tour, 47 km):

Merzig marina to Mettlach as on Saarschleife tour > From Mettlach continue on SAARLAND cycle route > Hausbach > Losheim > Then to Rimlingen > Brotdorf > Merzig

Haustadter-Tal-Runde (Haustadter Tal tour, 39 km):

Merzig marina > Merzig town centre > Brotdorf > Rimlingen > Hargarten > Erbringen > Honzrath > Haustadt > Beckingen > Rehlingen weir > Rehlingen > Niedmündung > Along the Saar on the Saar cycle route back to Merzig

Saargau-Runde (Saargau tour, 34 km):

From Merzig marina upstream along the Saar on the Saar cycle route as far as Niedmündung > Niedmühle > Hemmersdorf > Fürweiler > Biringen > Silwingen> Mondorf > Seitert > Hilbringen > Merzig


Cycle hire

Cycle hire is available at the Hotel-Restaurant Roemer in Merzig and at Blum-Vermietung in Büdingen.

Hotel-Restaurant Roemer
Cycle hire
Schankstraße 2
66663 Merzig
+49 (0)6861 93390
+49 (0)6861 939330

Cycles and electric bikes are available for hire



Blum Vermietung cycle hire
Cycle hire
Zum Saargau 43
66663 Merzig
+49 (0)6869 9119904
+49 (0)6869 1529

Electric bikes with delivery service are available for hire

DAS BAD charging station

DAS BAD provides a free electric bike charging station during the swimming pool opening hours.
The charging station is part of the Pedelec Willkommen project. The Saarland branch of the German Transport Club (VCD) and Saarland Tourism hope that the project will improve services for electric bike riders.

Service partners in the tourism sector indicate that they offer this service by displaying a sticker on their entrance door and allow guests to charge their bike battery free of charge.


The electricity supply is free of charge but you must use your own charger. Charging batteries is at your own risk.

Radfahrer an der Saar
Radfahrer beim Saar Pedal am Leinpfad.
Radfahrer beim Saar Pedal im Stadtpark
Radfahrergruppe beim Saar Pedal

Location and directions

Saarwiesenring 6, 66663 Merzig, Deutschland