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Wassergymnastik im Gesundheitsbereich in DAS BAD


More than just a spa - DAS BAD

The DAS BAD leisure and health spa is the perfect destination for anyone who is looking for a new experience and a chance to relax, to just switch off for a while and escape from the stress of everyday life. You can recharge your batteries, relax with the whole family and enjoy the Bietzen spa water.

The DAS BAD concept is “Wellbeing and Water Worlds” and it keeps its promise. Split into three areas, it has something for everyone.

Unbounded fun in the water for the whole family is the idea of Water World I: Sport and adventure. As well as our water slide, diving boards and the indoor and outdoor water attractions, we have a 25 metre pool where you can train or just swim a few gentle lengths.

In Water World II: You can bathe youself to good health in the officially certified Bietzen spa water. The water is between 32° and 34° and has a very beneficial effect on the human body, as it is exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements. After bathing, you can move into our “Health Room” for a relaxing massage or cosmetic treatment.

The highlight is the beautifully designed premium sauna space, with six sauna cabins and a steam bath. Whether you choose an infusion from our sauna specialists or just relax in our 60° herbal sauna, you’re sure to sweat out all your stresses and strains.

Further information at and on the DAS BAD Facebook page.

Impressions of DAS BAD

Auf dem Bild ist der Barfußpfad im Gesundheitsbereich in DAS BAD zu sehen.
Sauna in DAS BAD
Luftaufnahme von DAS BAD
Zu sehen ist DAS BAD in Merzig mit der

Location and directions

Saarwiesenring 3, 66663 Merzig, Deutschland