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Maisalm – A maze in a corn field

You may be confused

The Maisalm is a 30,000 m² maze, created in a corn field. Visitors have to find the right route through the 70,000 corn plants, an enjoyable challenge for all ages.

Experience has shown that it’s not always an easy challenge. Even the fastest visitors need 25 minutes to find the way, while others take up to two hours.

As well as the maze, Maisalm has plenty to offer. There is a beautifully designed chill out area and kids can climb around on a mountain of straw. The attraction is also ideal for children’s birthdays, stag parties and corporate events. We offer special events such as ghost nights for children and haunted nights for adults, and for those who are feeling peckish, the Maisalm offers something very special: Visitors can bring their own meat with them and rent a gas barbecue directly on the waterside.

Maisalm is open from mid-July to the end of October every day from 11:00.

For further information and bookings, call +49 (0) 178-8725477 or write an e-mail to

Das Bild zeigt den Bereich vor der Maisalm mit Verkaufshütte und Aufenthaltsbereich auf Holzboden.

Impressions of the Maisalm

Maisalm Area
Terrasse bei der Maisalm

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