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Kletterhafen – Climbing park

Europe’s largest free-standing climbing park

The climbing park is an adventure park in the Merzig sport and leisure park and guarantees fun for all the family.

Ten different courses are available – from very easy for children over the age of five with a reaching height of 130 centimetres, to medium for those over ten with a reaching height of 180 centimetres, through to difficult for more experienced climbers above 14 and with a reaching height of 180 centimetres. There are also two infant courses, which the youngest visitors can climb with the help of their parents.

Safety is taken very seriously at the Merzig climbing park. Highly trained expert staff are on hand to help climbers and only those who have completed a comprehensive safety briefing are allowed onto the course.

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Kletterhafen in Merzig
Kletterhafen Parcours

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Gottfried-von-Cramm-Weg 1, 66663 Merzig, Deutschland