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Yellow Recycling Sack

Yellow recycling sacks are collected every 14 days on even weeks of the year.

Collection day in entire municipal area: Tuesday

The sacks can be placed on the street the day before collection from 18:00. Collection of the yellow sacks is not the responsibility of the Merzig municipal authority. If your yellow sack is not collected, please contact our complaints hotline on 0800-12 23 255.


What goes in the yellow sack and what does not?

Rule of thumb: You can use the yellow sack for all packaging except glass and uncoated paper – these should be taken to a glass or paper container or put in the blue bin.

Advice on separation can be found by clicking HERE.

The yellow recycling sack is a collection system exclusively for packaging. The system was set up in 1991 by the industry in Germany as an alternative to a threatened packaging tax. Companies approved to operate under the system include “Duale System Deutschland”, Interseroh and Landbell.

The costs for the yellow sacks, collection, transportation, sorting and recycling are covered by a surcharge on the products we all buy. The yellow recycling sack is not a local authority or municipal collection system. Nevertheless, the companies and local authorities work together, e.g. on publicity.

Contrary to some opinions, the yellow sacks and their content, like all other waste (e.g. bulky waste) remains the property of the person who is disposing of the sacks until the time of collection. This means that responsibility does not end at the front door. Of course, this also applies to yellow sacks that are not taken away (e.g. because of incorrect filling).


You can get free yellow recycling sacks here

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