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Blue Paper Bin

What you need to know about the blue paper bin

Paper is an important recyclable material. Re-using paper saves energy, water and raw materials. The blue bin for waste paper saves you a journey to the nearest paper container.

All households in Merzig can use this municipal authority service. There is no fee for emptying.

A one-off administration fee of € 25 is charged for registration. The fee for deregistering or re-registering, for example if the property owner changes, is € 6.50 per container.


What goes in the blue bin:

  • Magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogues, junk mail
  • School books, writing paper, envelopes
  • Books
  • Cardboard, folding boxes
  • Wrapping and packing paper
  • Cardboard egg boxes

Not permitted:

  • Composite packaging materials, e.g. milk and juice cartons. These can be recycled and should go in the yellow sack.
  • Photo paper, carbon paper, parchment paper (non-recyclable waste)
  • Impregnated paper (non-recyclable waste)
  • Wallpaper (non-recyclable waste or recycling centre)
  • Soiled paper packaging, e.g. pizza boxes (non-recyclable waste)
  • Kitchen roll made of wood pulp (organic waste bin or own compost)

The blue bin is only available in a 240 litre size and it is emptied every four weeks. It must be placed at the edge of the road from 06:00 on the day it is due to be emptied. You can also dispose of cardboard boxes using the paper container; all you have to do is crush them. It is easier and more convenient to take the cardboard boxes to the recycling centre. There, the paper press will crush them for you!