Separate and save

Every household produces waste, but many materials that are thrown away can still be used.

Setting up a citizen-friendly recycling centre and changing to collection and transportation of waste based on weight has enabled us to reduce our quantity of non-recyclable waste to the lowest per head in Saarland. This conserves valuable raw materials and energy and also cuts harmful emissions.

Further information about the Merzig waste system can be found on the following pages and under the relevant waste types.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Waste

Since 2011, non-recyclable waste has been weighed in Merzig.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Organic waste bin
Organic waste bin

Tips on filling the organic waste bin correctly.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Blue paper bin
Blue paper bin

Recycling paper saves energy, water and raw materials.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Bulky waste
Bulky waste

Bulky waste refers to bulky non-recyclable waste items.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Yellow recycling sack
Yellow recycling sack

Yellow recycling sacks are collected every 14 days on even weeks of the year.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Composting plant and green waste collection point
Composting plant and green waste collection point

You can bring your garden waste to the composting plant.