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Recycling Centre

The Merzig recycling centre - more than just a recycling depot

By using the Merzig recycling centre, as a citizen of Merzig and as a waste charge payer, you are contributing to reducing the volume of non-recyclable waste in Merzig and increasing the amount of recyclable materials collected and re-used or recycled. This eases the burden on incineration plants and your wallet, as well as being good for the environment. Convenient opening times ensure that you can benefit from the service even late in the afternoon and on Saturdays.

The recycling centre is a central point that accepts (almost) all recyclable materials and waste. However, traditional non-recyclable waste still goes in the grey bin and is not accepted at the recycling centre.

As the recycling centre is so heavily used, and due to the associated high volumes being delivered and the resulting costs, it was necessary for the municipal authority to decide in a meeting on 17/12/2012 to introduce a usage fee for the recycling centre with effect from 01/01/2013. The aim was for the charges to be fair and to reflect individual waste behaviour. In future, regular users of the recycling centre will pay a greater contribution to the costs than occasional users.

The usage fee is collected from every visitor as soon as they want to deposit materials of a chargeable waste type. The specified quantity limits apply on a daily basis and for each property linked to the waste disposal.


Opening times:

  • Monday from 10:00 to 16:00
  • Tuesday from 07:00 to 15:00
  • Wednesday from 12:00 Uhr to 18:00
  • Thursday from 10:00 Uhr to 16:00
  • Friday from 12:00 to 18:00
  • Saturday from 08:00 Uhr to 16:00



Free materials

  • Second-hand clothing, wearable
  • Batteries
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Used electrical equipment
  • Energy saving bulbs / neon tubes
  • Glass bottles
  • Yellow sacks
  • Waste cables
  • Corks
  • Plastics
  • Plastic film, uncontaminated
  • Metals
  • Paper
  • Cooking oil / grease

Chargeable materials

  • Used wood, clean, max. 2 m3
  • Used wood, contaminated, max. 1 m³
  • Used tyres (€ 3 each), max. 12
  • Asbestos (€ 0.20/kg), max. 1 m³
  • Mixed construction waste, max. 0.5 m³
  • Plate glass
  • Windows (€ 4 each)
  • Rubber products
  • Bulky waste, max. 3 m³
  • Polystyrene, uncontaminated
  • Paint and varnish containing solvents, liquid, max. 3 containers, total max. 30 l
  • Used oil, max. 3 containers and max. 30 l
  • Capacitors, containing PCB
  • Other problematic substances, see info sheet on problematic substances

Usage fee

The level of the usage fee depends on the means of transport used:

  • Car, handcart or similar: € 4
  • Trailer up to 750 kg permitted total weight, or van: € 5
  • Trailer above 750 kg permitted total weight, pick-up or flat bed truck: € 10

If the towing vehicle and trailer are loaded, a usage fee amounting to the total for both means of transport will be charged.


Special fees are charged for depositing:

  • Tyres: € 3 each
  • Windows: € 4 each
  • Asbestos cement waste: € 0.20/kg
  • Rubble:
    • Maximum 5 buckets x 10 litres: € 0.50 per full or partially full 10 litre bucket, or
    • 1 sink or washbasin: € 3, or
    • 1 toilet bowl: € 3, or
    • 1 shower tray: € 4


Please sort your waste and recyclable material into different material types before delivery. This will make it easier to ensure it goes into the correct containers. Furniture must be dismantled at home before delivery, otherwise it will not be accepted.

Since 01/01/2013 green waste has no longer been accepted. You can take green waste to the Merzig green waste collection point (formerly composting plant) in Fitten.

Bulky waste: Bulky waste packaged in sacks or in another way is not accepted.


Who can use the Merzig recycling centre?

Compared to other recycling points or centres in Saarland, the Merzig recycling centre offers a more comprehensive service and convenient disposal conditions. Therefore, it is only right that only those who contribute to financing it through their waste fees can actually use the centre. We ask for your understanding when recycling centre employees ask to see your identity card when dropping off your waste.

The following people are entitled to use the centre, provided they are registered for waste disposal with Merzig town council and have paid the waste fees for the property from which the materials originate:

  • All inhabitants of the urban area
  • Property owners in the Merzig municipal area
  • Businesses in the Merzig municipal area
  • Public authorities and associations in the Merzig municipal area

However, businesses are not permitted to deposit any materials relating directly to their business operations. For example, a joiner’s workshop can deposit an old office chair, but not waste wood. If businesses are involved in home liquidations or clearances, the resulting materials may not be deposited.


Problematic substances

All households produce waste containing hazardous substances, e.g. chemicals. As this problematic waste can be hazardous to people and the environment due to its composition, it cannot be disposed of in the grey bin. A collection point is available at the recycling centre to ensure safe, environmentally sound and professional disposal. All domestic special waste can be deposited here in normal household-level quantities.

Please note that all liquid and powder substances must be delivered in solid and tightly sealed containers. If you no longer have the lid for a container or the container is damaged, pour the content into another sealable container. Open and damaged containers may not be deposited.


What is classed as domestic special waste?

These substances are included: pickling agents, drain cleaner, paint stripper, acetone, batteries, used oil, oven cleaner, corrosives, bleach, floor wax, brake fluid, chemicals (solid and liquid), chloroform, disinfectant, fertiliser, de-icer, softening agent, paints and varnishes (not water-soluble emulsions and primers), stain remover, photo chemicals, wood preservatives, hydraulic fluid, impregnating agents, adhesives, watch batteries, laboratory chemicals, alkaline solutions, solvents, nail polish remover, pesticides, rust inhibitor, rust converter, ammonium chloride, insecticides, spray cans (with residual content), turpentine, thermometers (containing mercury), underseal agents, thinners, toilet cleaner, cement paint


The following substances are not classed as domestic special waste:

  • Asbestos products (chargeable disposal at recycling centre), refer to the detailed info sheet on asbestos for more information.
  • The following info sheet also provides helpful details on disposal of night storage heaters containing asbestos.
  • Munitions, radioactive substances, explosives, syringes/cannulae.
  • Fluorescent tubes and energy saving bulbs (these can be deposited free of charge at the electrical and electronic waste collection point at the recycling centre).
  • Water-soluble paints (indoor and outdoor primers, latex paints) and dried paints:
    these paints must be dried out or thickened with sawdust and disposed of in the grey bin. Empty pain tins or buckets can be disposed of in the yellow sack or free of charge at the recycling centre.
  • Engine and gear oil:
    It is mandatory for dealers to offer a return service for used oil on presentation of the purchase receipt. The costs for disposal of the used oil is included in the purchase price. Used oils are also accepted as an additional service at the recycling centre.


Electrical equipment

Key points of the electronic appliances act (ElektroG) in brief:

  • Electrical equipment may not be disposed of using non-recyclable waste bins or other waste containers.
  • The recycling centre accepts all used electrical equipment, fluorescent tubes and energy saving bulbs from private households free of charge.
  • All residents of Merzig must take their used electrical equipment to the Merzig recycling centre.
  • Retailers with at least 400 m² of space for electrical and electronic equipment must also offer a free of charge return service for used equipment.
    • When purchasing new electrical or electronic equipment, they must accept used equipment of the same type, with the same functions as the new equipment, and
    • used equipment with an edge length less than 25 centimetres.
  • Private disposal companies, scrap and waste metal dealers may not accept used electrical equipment from private households.
  • For electrical equipment used commercially, the manufacturers have an obligation to offer a reasonable return facility, provided the equipment was brought into circulation after 13/08/2005. For commercially used equipment brought into circulation before 13/08/2005, disposal is the responsibility of the owner.


Exchange point

In this photo you can see the shelves of the exchange point. There are lots of different objects provided in the shelves.Many consumer goods are only used for a short period of time. People quickly lose interest in them and replace them with new ones. The old items, which in most cases are fully intact, often end up in the waste. You can take these items to the exchange point at the recycling centre, where you can also take any item you are interested in away with you. This service is free and is based on the concept of avoiding waste and continuing to use goods where possible.

Only take clean, intact and usable items to the exchange point.


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