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Auf dem Bild sind vier Senioren zu sehen. Diese sitzen auf Schaukeln und lachen.

Senior Citizens

Germany is getting older – forecast demographic trends for the next three decades make it clear that the proportion of old people in our country is set to increase continuously.

Merzig is no exception to this trend.

Services for older people – whether they are educational and leisure activities for senior citizens, drop-in services such as “Senior Mobile” run by the Merzig senior citizens’ office, driving, meals, domestic help and care services, support from self-help groups, or residential, care and support services tailored to the needs of older residents – are therefore becoming increasingly important.

In addition to the district authority care service and senior citizens’ office, the main service provider in the Merzig municipal area is AG Altenhilfe, which covers all the key advice services relating to the issue of getting older, as well as being an important contact point for people interesting in volunteering in the senior citizens’ office and the information centre.


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