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Help and Advice

There are many situations in life where people have to depend on expert assistance from others.

Whether you yourself or your relatives have suffered hardship due to psychological, financial, disability, family or other difficulties, or you do not know where to turn for advice on raising children, complex care for older family members, debt problems or unemployment – talking to trained and experienced experts can often help you to find possible solutions and access the assistance you need.


Advice centres

A number of advice centres run by charitable organisations and public service providers, but also private or community institutions and self-help groups, can provide you with help and advice.


Click on one of the following head lines to open further information about the subject:

AG Altenhilfe Merzig, assistance for senior citizens

TRIAS, assistance for physical disabilities

Lebenshilfe, assistance for disabled people (Lebenshilfe für behinderte Menschen)

Caritas, debt advice, integration assistance and psycho-social advice centre

Internationaler Bund, assistance for young migrants

Sozialwerk Saar-Mosel, integration advice

DRK, disability services

AWO, support organisation and addiction prevention

Merzig-Wadern District Health Office

Merziz-Wadern District Care Services

Merzig-Wadern District Office for Social Affairs

VdK, social welfare organisation

Merzig employment agency

Merzig district court, legal advice

Merzig disability advisory council

Merzig-Wadern district care service