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Merziger Familienpass – Merzig Family Pass

Offers and discounts for Merzig families

The Family Pass gives parents and their children free entry to the municipal museums, the chance to attend municipal events at reduced prices, and subsidised use of municipal daycare facilities.

Free entry to the following museums: Fellenbergmühle Mechanical Museum, Werner Freund Expedition Museum, B-Werk Besseringen and Schloss Fellenberg Museum. Click on one of the museums names to access further information about the museum.


The Family Pass also helps you save money on a visit to the leisure section of the DAS BAD spa.

Kreisstadt Merzig: DAS BAD

Merziger Bäder GmbH operates DAS BAD and the Heilborn natural spa in Merzig.

An important offer that eases the burden on families with small children and, since 1st January 2009, also people with incontinence problems is the Merzig nappy voucher.

The offers available with the Merzig Family Pass are continuously being enhanced and extended in cooperation with our partners such as the town’s sports clubs and cultural organisations.

The Merzig Family Pass is available to all parents resident in Merzig with at least one child (biological, adopted or foster child) in their household. Married couples, long-term partners and single parents with children have equal access to the pass. The Merzig Family Pass is also issued regardless of family income.

You can apply for a Merzig Family Pass at the Merzig citizens’ centre.

The parents and every qualifying child each receive a personal card. For parents and children over 10 years, a photo is required to prevent misuse. The Family Pass is valid for one year and can then be extended. Initial issue and extension are free of charge. Replacement issue of lost or damaged cards costs € 5 per card. The pass can be revoked or not extended if they are misused.

The Merzig municipal authority provides around € 150,000 per year to finance the discounts associated with the Merzig Family Pass.