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Family and Social Services

Merzig is an extremely family friendly local authority.

This is not just because of the exceptional services for families, such as the Merzig Family Pass, but also because of our cooperation with the local family charity “Familienbündnis Merzig e.V.”.

“Merzig healthy living” is not just a slogan. With a range of activities to promote health and comprehensive medical care facilities, it is part of everyday life.

Countless Merzig inhabitants volunteer in over 250 sports, social and cultural organisations in the town.


Merzig is a town with great opportunities for

  • Young people,
  • Families,
  • People with disabilities,
  • Senior citizens,
  • Immigrants,
  • Volunteers,
  • Health conscious people.



Towns and communities fundamentally and very directly shape the environment for children, young people, families, people living alone and senior citizens. With this in mind, the issue of family has been a major focus of social policy and our society in Merzig in recent years.

For our town, this means supporting families wherever possible through local authority intervention. This is why Merzig has been honoured as a family friendly local authority.


Kreisstadt Merzig: Family Pass
Family Pass

The Merzig Family Pass has been offering a range of discounts to families since 2005.

Kreisstadt Merzig: Immigration and integration
Immigration and integration

Integration of people from an immigrant background who live in Merzig is an important task for the municipal authority.