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Citizens’ Archive

The task of the citizens’ archive is to store, preserve, exploit and provide public access to all official documents that are no longer continuously required to meet official obligations but are of lasting importance and value. The archive also collects documentation that is important in terms of the town’s history and also maintains an archive library. External archive material can be added. The citizen’s archive promotes research and knowledge of the town and local history.

Anyone is entitled to use the material in the citizens’ archive for official, academic or journalistic purposes, or for valid personal reasons, provided this does not violate any legal requirements, particularly those under data protection legislation, or the terms of the Saarland archiving law and, for external archive material, provided its use is not restricted by the agreements made with the owner.


Opening dates 2019

Month Opening days
January 10/01. 24/01.
February 07/02. 21/02.
March 07/03. 21/03.
April 04/04. 11/04. 25/04.
May 09/05. 23/05
June 06/06. 13/06. 27/06
July Ferien
August 08/08. 22/08.
September 05/09. 19/09. 26/09.
October 10/10. 24/10.
November 07/11. 21/11.
December 05/12. 19/12.


Opening times: 17:00 to 20:00

The facilities are on the courtyard side at the top of the third staircase on the 1st floor (signposted).